Florida high school students discover traces of a cancer-causing algae




Misspelled words, confused information. This article would be incredibly flattering if it were correct.  Let me, please, set the record straight:

(1) the hundreds of samples came from Joseph R. who was testing for NITRATES (fecal matter), COPPER (fecal matter from fertilizer), and IBUPROFEN (fecal matter from humans) in surface water grab samples. Of his samples 98% had nitrates, and of that 98%, approx. 50% came up with ibuprofen and copper. MEANING, human waste from septic is seeping from groundwater into the intercoastal and beaches. MEANING, a surface water grab sample would heavily dilute concentrations = there is a great deal of human waste and fertilizers in the water. THIS is what feeds the blue-green alga (microcystin) and the red tide (K. brevis). THIS is what tells us the sources for remediation.

(2) The microcystin was found, post plume, in the INTERCOASTAL, NOT the river near Sewell’s point. MEANING, the tides are pushing in and up into the intercoastal both K. brevis and microcystin. BIG DIFFERENCE than what she is reporting. This does NOT encourage my trust in their news “making”…

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