Call for Abstracts

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Once again we welcome submission from educators and students to present posters of their course studies and or projects that relate to the Everglades.  Educators and students may also simply attend. Educators and students can attend for free, but it is first come first serve.  They may also be able to obtain CEU credits or points depending on your specific county.

This is to welcome you all to participate in the The John Marshall Everglades Symposium to be held this October 8, 2016 at the Marriott in West Palm Beach.

everglades flyerIt is a symposium to educate the public about the pieces of the puzzle that connects the Everglades and the toxic algae.
Educators and students interested in attending can get scholarship funds (first-come, first-served!) to offset the registration fee.   CEU/In-service points for secondary educators can be requested by using district forms.  The first 50 educators and students can register and attend free NOW:
I would like to add that there will be a poster presentation area for graduate, undergraduate, secondary students that want to display their research ideas on the Everglades in any form.  
Secondary and college age students are to submit abstracts with no more than 300 words explaining their ideas that will be presented on their posters.  They are to forward their abstracts to me at  no later than September 15th.
Primary grades are also encouraged to present their best work on Everglades Protection. Primary grade teachers should contact me no later than September 15th regarding works they desire to submit (
If you have any questions regarding posters I can be reached at 561-727-0211.
Registration begins NOW at  Students and teachers should register online as a Student and Teacher Registration.  If you have any further questions regarding registration please email Tara Bardi at
Please let me know if you have any more questions regarding CEU credits, points, or poster competitions.
Thank you!

Welcome to the GET WET! Blog

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All are invited to participate!

Welcome to the blog that is going to keep you informed about water issues!  Political, social, economic, human health, land use… you name it!  It has been my personal goal to educate the public to the need to understand that our water health is dependent on our actions and inaction.

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Exploring real world environmental concerns must also include social, economic, political, human health, and natural resource implications. This allows for a comprehensive understanding of complicated environmental matters that do not stop at man-made state lines, or international lines of delineation. Water, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), waste, industrial farming, disaster relief, air quality, carbon sequestration, energy production, and fishing industries, to name a few, all encompass multiple disciplines in both its onset and its potential solutions. Educating the public to environmental sciences as a single discipline, taught from a text, within a classroom, whose antithesis is business, does not convey the entire picture.

The GET WET! Project addresses residential water needs by collaborating with local universities, government representatives, businesses, conservation commissions, ENGOs, parents, and community volunteers to assure all interested parties are heard. Focusing on local environmental issues through school-centered, community-based curriculum increases participation and opens a dialogue regarding local resources, jobs, human health, politics, and economics. Allowing the community to decide which of the concerns they feel deserves the most attention provides an autonomy that may be more palatable.