Tap water advisory forced some Philly businesses to buy bottled water for customers


Image from Moffitt

Some businesses, including Starbucks in Spring Garden, were unable to use tap water for drinks or ice earlier Sunday after the city of Philadelphia advised residents to not drink tap water following a chemical spill in Bucks County. 

At Kite & Key at Callowhill Street, management said they went out and bought cases of bottled water for their customers. But they ran out at around 4:30 p.m.

They’re now serving tap water again following the city’s second advisory, deeming the water to be safe to drink through Monday night. 

Kite & Key was fairly busy Sunday afternoon. 

Many customers were drinking bottled water, with some concerned about ice being used in drinks. 

A couple CBS Philadelphia spoke to said they won’t be drinking any tap water just to be safe. 

“They just brought us this water, but the first thing in my head was like, ‘Oh it’s probably tap water.’ So I’ll steer clear of that for now,” Kalli Kaney, a Fishtown resident, said. 

“I’m worried about people that don’t know,” Clun Clari, another Fishtown resident, said. “For instance, people that don’t get the alerts on their phone. I didn’t get an alert, but she did.”

The first advisory also warned against cooking with tap water in affected areas, but CBS Philadelphia did not hear any reports of restaurants closing.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: https://www.cbsnews.com/philadelphia/news/tap-water-advisory-forced-some-philly-businesses-to-buy-bottled-water-for-customers/

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