High schoolers develop a cheap, eco-friendly filter to remove lead from tap water

High schoolers at Barrie Middle and Upper School in Silver Spring, USA, are tackling the issue of lead pollution in drinking water. They have designed a cheap, reusable cartridge filter that removes this toxic heavy metal from tap water, and warns when the chemical cartridges it uses need to be refreshed.

The issues people have been having with drinking water fed through lead piping are already well known. The plight of people in Flint, Michigan, is one tragic example. Lead exposure from drinking water can lead to a host of medical issues, ranging from cardiovascular complications to cognitive and reproductive problems.

High schoolers have now joined the efforts to protect people from this toxic metal by designing a simple device that can scrub it out of tap water.

Read more about, at: https://www.zmescience.com/science/highschool-lead-water-filter-83734534/

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