STAND UP SPEAK UP SHOW UP -THANK YOU! (Requested links and info attached)


Thank you Linda Montaquila and STAND UP SPEAK UP SHOW UP for inviting me to speak on local, regional, state, and national water issues it was my pleasure!  Any time people care enough to show up we all win!

As requested I will post links and files here:


How to find your representative and ALL of their contact information:

How to find out how your representatives vote every week.  It comes right to your email.  Only the state and federal representatives you want to follow.  It also tells you what they will be voting on next:

Comprehensive PPT on Everglades Issue by Mark Perry of Florida Oceanographic:

How to find out information about the septic systems in Jupiter and the plans to mitigate them:

Here is the lis of all of the detrimental Federal House Resolutions, & Executive Orders relating to the environment, as well as the projected EPA Budget Cuts:  2017 HRs, EOs, & Projected EPA Budget Cuts

And, finally, the original PPT: Environmental Politics (for web)

Please feel free to contact me at: if you have            any further questions!

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