GET WET! just signed on a Middle School in Stuart Florida! We are going to do some triple time! First we pair a Oxbridge Academy Field Ecology students and the local Stuart middle school to collaborate on a bottom-up management of their source waters in order to facilitate a baseline of groundwater chemistry.


Students at Seminole Ridge High School work with Oxbridge Academy Soil & Water Students to test their drinking waters.



Then, students from the Quantitative  & Qualitative Research Course will use the water from the samples to run Sucralose, copper, total phosphorus and lead back at the lab. Apparently Sucralose is a great marker for human feces and copper is a great marker for fertilizer!

Blue-green algae in St. Lucie River releases toxins that affect the liver and nervous system (Greg Allen/NPR)


We are going to add to the repository of data to determine if the nitrate issue that is facilitating the algal growth in the St. Lucie River is truly septic or fertilizer!




Won’t you donate to help students learn more about community-based environmental monitoring research? All supplies are free to schools and all professional time is donated!

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