OXBRIDGE STUDENTS ROCKED IT!!! The SWFL Water Research Conference at Florida Gulf Coast University 2017

The Oxbridge Research Team performed very well today at FGCU!

For the undergraduate research poster competition:

  •   1st  Place                        $400

Quantifying Heavy Metals in Public and Private Drinking Water Systems:  Testing South Florida’s Public and Private Water Systems Using a Community-Based Environmental Monitoring Program

  • 2nd Place                       $300

 Necrosis in the Caloosahatchee Watershed and Lower Can Carlos Bay:  Using Computer Models to  Compare Precipitation Runoff to Lake Okeechobee Releases

  • 3rd  Place (tie)            $200

Evaluating the Knowledge of Self-Reported Environmentalists’ Regarding Incentives and Enforcements of the Everglades Federal Mandates

  • 3rd  Place (tie)            $200

Using the RamTest-APP™ Handheld Raman Identifier Gun (BioTools, Inc) to Detect Contaminants in Public and Private Water Systems

Once again we were the ONLY high school there and for the third year in a row beat all the undergraduates to take home all the awards!

Well done!

Also very well received were:

  • (Quantification of the Herbicide Atrazine in the Canals of the Eastern Everglades and in the Caloosahatchee Watershed),
  • (Surface Water Quantification of a Carcinogenic Herbicide (2,4D) in Water Hazards on Public Golf Courses and the Subsequent Exposure Awareness of the South Florida Junior PGA),
  •  (Quantifying Fish Populations of the Grassy Waters Preserve to Determine Overall Health of the Drinking Water Source for West Palm Beach, FL),
  •  (The Potential for Carbon Sequestration in Grassy Waters Preserve: Quantifying the Carbon Sequestration Ability of the Hydric, Incepticols, and Calcitic Mud Soils in the Drinking Water Source of West Palm Beach, FL)