Federal funds both ‘huge’ and ‘not near enough’ for Mississippi’s rural water problems

LELAND — The Black Bayou Water Association, which now connects to nearly 3,000 rural customers in the Delta, was started about 30 years ago by a rice and soybean farmer with no water service experience. 

David Koehn, now 76, had plans to build a mobile home park on his land in Washington County but didn’t have a central water source to offer residents. At the time, Koehn and others in the area drank from their personal shallow well, usually filled with brown, iron-laden water.   

So the farmer went home-by-home to see who’d want to pay for a new water service. He took out some loans, found local volunteers to form a board, and by 1991 had the Black Bayou Water Association up and running, serving about 350 homes. 

“It started as a community service and it turned into a career,” Koehn said.

Read more, at: https://www.clarionledger.com/story/news/2022/04/30/mississippi-federal-funds-not-meet-needs-rural-water-problems/9586349002/ 

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